Men’s Health on Dry Needling Treatment

While we’ve been using dry needling therapy since 2015, many patients are still unfamiliar with the treatment. That’s why I was happy to see Men’s Health Magazine write a deep dive into how dry needling therapy is showing fantastic results for a surprisingly wide spectrum of conditions.

Dry Needling Treatment

Dry Needling in Sports

In today’s blog post, NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw takes us through the Tiger locker room where LSU Team Physical Therapist Ricky Lane explains how LSU uses the Kinetacore functional dry needling therapy as part of their competitive edge.

Physical Therapy: Not just for Sports Injuries

Elizabeth did not think much of her frequent fainting spells. But when the seventh grader fainted during a trail run, she and her family knew it was time to get help. Lean how PT played a critical role in helping one 12-year-old rebuild her life.

Elizabeth Recovers from POTS with Physical Therapy