Back Pain – Five Misconceptions

Statistically speaking, if you have a back, you are going to have back pain. Back pain can be fleeting and quickly forgotten, or it can set up residence like an unwelcome relative who uses up all your time and attention.

Lumbar discs that cause back pain


Undiagnosed Conditions

Suffering from a condition that isn’t improving is a hidden epidemic. Millions of people are living with perplexing life conditions they feel elude diagnosis and treatment, even as health care technology advances to an all-time high. In this month’s blog post, Physical Therapist Paul Jones discusses the two words that can quickly turn around an undiagnosed condition.

Keeping Up with Jones 5K – Wrap Up

As the Keeping Up with Jones 5K Organizer, I’d like to thank everyone who made the Keeping Up With Jones 5K a huge success. The funds we have raised this year will help Louisiana’s Methodist Children’s Home in their mission over the next year. The benefits of their work will make a positive impact for the children in their care, in many cases, for the rest of their lives.

Keeping Up with Jones 5K Winner