8th Annual – Keeping Up with Jones 5K

The Keeping Up With Jones 5K was created in 2008 by Jones Physical Therapy as a way to promote fitness in the local community. Over the years, the Jones 5k has grown into a well loved local event for the whole family. This year’s race starts and finishes at Varsity Sports in Old Mandeville. The course is an out and back along the scenic Mandeville Lakefront. Funds raised from entry fees and sponsorships are donated to a Louisiana Methodist Childrens Home – Mandeville.

Keeping Up with Jones 5K

Diagnosing Myelopathy

Understanding Myelopathy

Myelopathy is often misdiagnosed as muscle soreness, and countless people shrug off its symptoms. However, unlike a pulled muscle, myelopathy won’t resolve itself. Once diagnosed, the disorder never goes away, and in 75 percent of patients, it gets worse. In today’s blog post, learn more about how PT can help determine the source of the pain and provide you with effective solutions.

Physical Therapy Instead of Opioids

All over America, doctors are prescribing opioids for pain. Opioids mask pain but also come with side effects including, nausea, withdrawal and addiction. In our latest video post, we discuss how Physical Therapists treat pain without drugs by using movement and exercise.

Physical Therapy vs Opiates