Dry Needling for Headaches

Dry Needling is called “Dry” because no medication is being injected into the area. Because of this, the needles are very thin and often you can’t feel the needle entering the skin. As the needle tip gets close to painful tight muscles, you may feel a faint pinching, burning or aching sensation. Sometimes you feel nothing.

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Full service physical therapy.

No Prescription Required

Recently, musculoskeletal problems such as spinal pain or sports injuries, would require patients to first see their primary care physician. In some cases, the added expense and time caused people to delay or defer care. Today, recent changes to the law in Louisiana have improved access to Physical Therapy.

Knee Replacement Video

Arthroplasty, or what is commonly called knee replacement surgery, is a surgical procedure to re-engineer a knee damaged by injury or arthritis. The following video is very helpful in understanding the knee replacement process.

knee replacement video