Knee Replacement Video

Arthroplasty, or what is commonly called knee replacement surgery, is a surgical procedure to re-engineer a knee damaged by injury or arthritis. The following video is very helpful in understanding the knee replacement process.

knee replacement video

Physical Therapy.

Hip Replacement and Knee Replacement Surgery

Modern joint replacements have been around since the 1960s and since that time have become the most often performed orthopedic surgery in the world. Today I talk about the development of the joint replacement, some of the latest advances and what patients can expect from Physical Therapy when having a joint replaced.

Back Pain – Five Misconceptions

Statistically speaking, if you have a back, you are going to have back pain. Back pain can be fleeting and quickly forgotten, or it can set up residence like an unwelcome relative who uses up all your time and attention.

Lumbar discs that cause back pain