Athlete receiving treatment for an ankle condition.Physical Therapy is a profession that treats pain, loss of strength and loss of function resulting from disease, injury or aging.

Physical Therapists are involved in many areas of healthcare, from pediatrics to nursing homes. Physical therapy in healthcare speeds recovery and results in better outcomes. The APTA describes PTs mission as “Transforming society by optimizing movement to improve the human experience.”

Treating patients with conditions affecting:

In Outpatient Physical Therapy we treat patients who can leave their homes and attend treatment in a specialized clinic. Patients may have a relatively minor complaint that has not responded well to medication or they may be progressing from hospital or home health care. Conditions treated may include back pain, sports injuries, orthopedic surgery and physical decline. We treat a broad range of ages from school kids to retirees.

Physical Therapy Begins with an Evaluation

The PT uses their extensive knowledge of anatomy and function to locate sources of pain, analyze muscle and joint functions and detect abnormal movement patterns in the patient. PTs take lifestyle and activities of daily living into account and may talk to the patient about their job, recreational activities and daily responsibilities in relation to their injury or pain.  PTs use the information gathered in the evaluation to formulate a plan, with the input of the patient, to

PTs partner with their patients to get them out of pain and back to the activities they need to do, or the activities they used to enjoy.

A Typical Plan of Care in physical therapy will include, stretching, exercise, manual therapy and pain relief modalities (heat, ice, electrical stimulation). The PT will also expect their patient to do some activities on their own between sessions and will provide a written home exercise program for this purpose. The ultimate goal of PT is to get the patient back to optimal health and have them stay there through lifestyle changes, daily exercise and pain relief techniques.

Physical therapy is often a required component of treatment such as following a joint reconstruction or a broken bone. Orthopedists regularly refer cases to therapy to ensure the best possible results for their patients. Physical therapy can also be prescribed to improve outcomes in the treatment of back and neck pain, arthritis, falls and foot problems.

In the State of Louisiana, all Physical Therapy is performed under a Doctors care, which means patients need a prescription to be Evaluated and to have their treatment covered by insurance. Patients may be prompted to visit PT during a consultation with their Physician, or they may ask to have PT added to the Plan of Care at a later date. A prescription is not required to consult with a PT on matters of wellness or to find out if PT can help in their recovery.

Clinic Locations

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