Hips are multi axial joints, that allow us to walk, climb, run and jump. One of the most important joints in the human body in terms of mobility, the hip bears our body’s weight and the force generated by the muscles of the hip and thigh. The hip joint has a greater range of motion than any other joint except for the shoulder.

When hips are injured or diseased, mobility is affected. Hip injuries can include bursitis, IT band syndrome, arthritis, sprains and strains, contractures and arthritis.

A severely diseased hip joint can be surgically replaced allowing the patient to return to most activities with the help of Physical Therapy.

Hip condition treated.

Physical Therapy for the Hip

  • Assess hip ROM and strength
  • Evaluate gait and function
  • Create a plan of care including activities the patients wants to restore
  • Treat and reassess


Symptoms of bursitis are tenderness over the outside of the hip, being unable to lie on that side at night and limping when walking. There are many components of gait and lifestyle that can contribute to hip bursitis. An expert assessment by a Physical Therapist can often resolve this problem without the need for further intervention. In severe cases, a cortisone shot from your doctor may be required in addition to PT.


Hip arthritis often causes aching in the groin or in the knee. Physical Therapy focuses on restoring normal movement and strength in the hip to reduce discomfort.

Hip Replacements

When hip arthritis becomes too uncomfortable or too limiting, your Orthopedist will recommend a hip replacement. Hip replacements are done in a hospital or surgical center and will be followed by some home health Physical Therapy. Once you are able to get around, you will be referred to Outpatient Physical Therapy to complete your rehabilitation.

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