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  • What our clients have to say…

    I want to tell you how incredible you are!! Two weeks ago, I came in, referred by my orthopedics, with a complete frozen shoulder! I mean no movement!! I can not only blow dry my own hair, something I have not been able to do for months, but tonight I was able to hold a 45 second plank!. I am a former professional ballroom dance competitor and coach and fitness instructor. The results are amazing.

    Letizia Troiani
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    I had never tried dry needling and have been suffering from lower back pain and stiffness. I decided to swallow my fear and give it a try at a recent competition – I was the taller partner on partner DL and my right side was pretty seized up. I have to say I have been shocked at my improved range of motion, lack of stiffness, and overall increased comfort level!! Three days later and I feel better than I did before competing. Thank you so much for helping me out!!

    Kristen Markel
    (Results May Vary)
  • The Unquestionable Link Between Nutrition and Pain

    It may be surprising for you to learn that a poor diet could be exacerbating your chronic pain. But how? Although different people respond differently to different foods, there are a few main culprits that tend to cause inflammation in the majority of people. These foods include sugar, dairy, gluten, and processed/refined foods.

    Why the shoulder may get injured…

    The shoulder is the most flexible joint in the body. It’s so flexible that, unlike other joints, it has very few ligaments holding it together. Instead, it has a group of muscles, the Rotator Cuff, that act like adjustable ligaments to stabilize the joint in any position.  The Rotator Cuff stabilizes the joint whether you are reaching overhead or doing pushups. Here we discuss the importance of a healthy shoulder, what helps stabilize the shoulder and how to get help if you are having issues with your shoulder(s).

    Joint Replacement Therapy

    People who have suffered joint pain for many years are usually very happy to have the diseased joint replaced with an artificial one. Joint replacements routinely free people from the misery and limitation of joint disease and restore them to active, pain-free lives where they don’t have to take medication every day to control their joint pain.