5 Things to do This Spring and Summer in St. Tammany if you Don’t Have Knee Pain

Last quarter we focused on things you can do in St. Tammany in the winter-y months (as winter-y as southern Louisiana can be).  This quarter, we are focusing on more things you can do in St. Tammany during our Spring months.

Crawfish Cook-offs

Crawfish season topically is best March-May.  A good crop is dependent on mother nature, and as well all know mother nature has a mind of her own year to year.  In southern Louisiana, cooking crawfish is more than just a dinner option, it’s a family tradition, it’s a family secret, it’s a pastime, it’s a good time.  Many cities and nonprofits host crawfish cook offs.  This is more than your average crawfish boil.  You have many people boiling with their recipes, throwing in their special treats into the pot all for tasters to try and vote on whose recipe is best!  So, whether you are looking to get out and try something new or have everyone over to brag on your recipe, crawfish boils are a great time for the whole family!

Crawls and Strolls

Again, many cities and city blocks host pub crawls, “sip and strolls”, etc. This is a great time to get out and explore your own neighborhood, meet some interesting folks in your community or just enjoy the day outside. Most of these are hosted by smaller mom and pop shops.  It’s important to support your local vendors not only because it could be your neighbor, but because it drives economic growth and sustainability within your local area.


Louisiana Veterans Festival

This event happens at Heritage Park in Slidell.  This is a GREAT family event that supports our troops.  It’s a festival in southern Louisiana so you know there will be good food, good drinks and good music.

Northshore Cajun Dance

This little place is tucked away in Abita Springs.  This group celebrates Cajun culture by teaching its students how to step it up to some authentic Cajun tunes.  There are live bands various days of the month.  Dinner and dancing is an option as well.  So, whether you are looking to get a little more active in the community, looking to learn a little more about the beautiful Cajun culture or just looking for a fun Friday night, this is a great option!

Block Parties, more festivals and races/walks

While many cities and areas are known for their specialties, a lot of these places show off their specialties with festivals, walks, block parties, etc.  For example, our friends in Ponchatoula know they have some of the best strawberry crops around so they decided to show it all off once a year during the Ponchatoula Strawberry Festival.  One of our favorites in Covington though is the Covington Block Party.  This block party takes place in the historic downtown district of Covington and spotlights “old, classic” cars.  So, if you like to rev your engine, eat good food or just walk around in the ambiance of downtown Covington, this is a great event for you!

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