5 Things to Try to Boost Your Spirits

Need a little boost in the middle of your weekly routine?  Finding yourself wanting to do a little more or get a little more out of your day?  Let us shed some light on the situation and, perhaps, help!  This week we gathered our staff to talk about 5 things that lift our spirits.  Follow along, try them out and see if any of them bring a little sunshine to your day!

1. Working Out

We love to workout!  The release of endorphins, the friendly competition, the guilt free cheat meal after a workout, and the RESULTS all make us happy.  Some of us do CrossFit, some of us do our own thing at Anytime Fitness.  Regardless, we love to be in the gym working towards our ultimate goal – being happy!

CrossFit Mandeville
CrossFit Franco’s
Anytime Fitness

2. New Adventures with Our Family and Friends

“Adventure” can take on many different definitions when it comes to our staff.  We love spending time with our spouses, our families and our friends.  Cooking is ALWAYS fun and uplifting in our book, mostly because there’s eating involved! We recently discussed our favorite cheat meals which included cooking and going out to eat at different locations.  Many times, we like to get outside and go hiking or camping.  Some local spots we enjoy scouting are Fontainebleau State Park, Tickfaw State Park, Jellystone Park, just to name a few!  The New Orleans Museum of Art offers several different adventures and attractions, but one of our favorites is their FREE admission days!  Check out their calendar of events for something of interest to you!

3. Playing with Our Pups

Check out our blog post 6 places to walk your dog in Mandeville.  Puppies are proven to be therapeutic at the end of a long day.  Our friends at Humana even list out the psychological benefits to having a dog or cat.

4. Crawfish Boils

Residing in southern Louisiana, it’s difficult to not partake in a crawfish boil on a weekend during the season.  Crawfish boils are like your family barbeque, but you gather around a round table, stand and chitchat all while pinching some tails and enjoying family and friends company.  We, at Jones Physical Therapy, love the excuse to not only EAT the delicious local cuisine, but we enjoy the opportunity to catch up with our family and friends.


5. Paying It Forward

Have you ever been in a hurry in the drive thru at PJ’s and at the end of your visit been told “it’s been taken care of by the person in front of you”?  Isn’t that THE BEST feeling ever?  Being a busy clinic in Madisonville and Hammond, we love and NEED our coffee!  To us, there’s nothing better than paying it forward early in the morning and setting our (and the person behind us) mood for the day!

Other things that put a smile to our face is donating to charity, listing out things we are grateful for, playing board/video games with our kids, watching football, and brewery tours.

If none of these tips lift your spirits or put you in a better mood, give us a call!  We KNOW one of our massages will get you feeling better. We offer massages five days a week!