5 Things to do this Christmas Break to Keep the Kids Busy

The holidays can be busy for anyone with or without plans.  Traffic ramps up (and sometimes makes you late to that coffee date….), the weather is temperamental (in Louisiana at least), but the company and Christmas spirit are always ever flowing!  This season we have compiled a list of 5 ideas/events to partake in with the kiddos.  We know entertaining the kids during their break from school can be challenging, but the memories made during this time are priceless!

Arts and Crafts/New Year’s Resolutions

Teaching children the importance of setting goals (and attaining them) can be so important in setting them up for success in the long run. Sitting down and helping the kids make their 2018 New Year’s Resolution can be a lot of fun!  Pinterest always has creative and innovative ways to do anything and everything.  They have some fun, kid-friendly suggestions for writing the kids’ Resolution list.  While perusing the site/app, they have ideas for various arts and crafts.

Drive around and view the Christmas lights

Several neighborhoods are notorious for awesome light displays, but parks in our local areas offer the light shows as well.  Lafreniere park in Metairie, Celebration in the Oaks, Zemurray Park in Hammond, just to name a few. Some displays allow you to tune into a radio station and watch as the lights dance along with the music, some displays allow you to walk through the winter wonderland (or Kajun Wonderland as we know is some places) and some warm you up with a side of hot chocolate!

Take the kids bowling

(…and good pizza if you’re lucky!)The area is flooded with extracurriculars for the family.  Bowling is always a great day/night out for the whole family.  Many bowling alleys in the area offer other fun times in addition to the traditional bowling ball and pins.  For example, Fulton Alley offers a shuffleboard in addition to their bowling activities.  They also have a gourmet menu when it comes to bowling alley food.

Take the kids to the movies

Movie Tavern offers something for everyone in the family – kid flicks, spirits for mom and dad and 3D options for the thrill seeker!  There’s brunch Saturday and Sunday mornings and if you have a big enough party, you can schedule a private party in one of the theatres!

Encourage the kids to help others this season!

This Christmas season isn’t all about receiving presents, but also about giving your time, love, energy and thoughtfulness to others.  Perhaps the kids could get together with the neighborhood kids (or their besties) and raise money to donate to a charity.  This is something they can choose to do not only for Christmas, but also other times during the year.


We, at Jones Physical Therapy, hope you enjoy this holiday season.  Whether you are going out of town, on vacation or staying at home, we hope it is the best holiday season yet.  We love to help others not only with ideas of entertaining the kids during their break, but also with becoming pain free.  If you, or someone you know, could benefit from a massage or physical therapy this holiday season, give us a call!