Neuro Rehabilitation

Neurological rehabilitationWhat is Neurological Rehabilitation?

Neurological rehabilitation is therapy that addresses the problems associated with injury to the brain or nervous system such as a stroke, head injury or nerve injury. Neuro-rehab is also helpful in chronic conditions such as Parkinsons Disease, Multiple Sclerosis and ALS.

What to Expect

One your first visit to Jones Physical Therapy, your Therapist will work with you to fully evaluate your neurological condition.  Based on your goals, your Physical Therapist will develop a treatment plan to achieve the best possible outcome.

How it Works

Neurological Rehabilitation is a broad treatment spectrum. Some patients work with their physician with the expectation of a full recovery of functionality.  Others use therapy to preserve as much function for as long as is reasonable given their condition. Patients with progressive diseases such as ALS use Physical Therapy to manage and optimize their function through each stage of their disease.

Clinic Locations

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