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Coronavirus Update: We’re still open and here to help you, but spaces are limited. Please call ASAP to book your appointment.

"Shoulder Taps"

Today’s featured exercise is a decline plank with shoulder taps! This is such a great exercise to strengthen your shoulders and core, while also activating your glutes and hamstrings for stabilization! Try this exercise for 10 reps each arm for a total of 4 round! Just remember to keep that booty down and back straight. (For an easier variation, move to a flat surface with feet on the ground instead of elevated)

Music: Fever-The Black Keys

"The Curtsy Lunge"

The curtsy lunge, also called the reverse crossover lunge, will really help you build a strong, firm butt by targeting the inner and outer glute and thigh muscles. The unique action of crossing over your legs is the most challenging part as you’re putting emphasis on all three gluteal muscles—the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus.

How to do it: Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and take a large step back with your right leg, crossing it behind your left (as if you’re about to do a curtsy). Your weight should be on your left foot as you slowly bend your knees, lowering your body straight down. Your left (front) leg should be parallel to the floor, your abs tight, and back straight. Push back up to the starting position. Repeat.

Try this exercise for 10 lunges each leg for 3-4 rounds! Burn baby burn!

Music: Imagine Dragons – “Roots”

"Standing (Banded) Glute Kick Backs"

A resistance band is one of the most inexpensive, convenient pieces of workout equipment you can own, and they take up essentially no space—perfect for anyone in need of a way to exercise while home, at work, or in a gym.

While there are a million ways to use resistance bands, they’re especially great for the glutes. In this exercise, the main focus is on strengthening the glutes. This exercise also activates your hamstrings while enhancing hip and knee stabilization.

Music: “shape of you”-Ed sheeran

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"Do You (Or Someone You Know) Have A Food Allergy?"

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"Watermelon Is Not Only A Sweet And Tasty Summertime Snack, But It Is One Of The Best Fruits To Eat When You Are Trying To Lose Weight And Stay Lean!"

Did you know that 90% of a watermelon’s weight is water! In addition to helping your body stay hydrated, snacking on watermelon will help you feel full so that you won’t have extra cravings between your meals! A 100g serving of watermelon only contains 30 calories! If you decide to try my watermelon mint salad, let me know what you think about it! For more wellness tips, contact us! Schedule your free Discovery visit with our Wellness Director to learn more about this program. This program can benefit you both in the state of Louisiana or anywhere in the US.


High intensity training allows you to workout at a higher intensity with shorter rest, so that you accomplish more work in less time. On top of that, your body will continue to burn 10-15% of your total calorie expenditure even after you finish working out! You don’t even need any equipment to do a HIIT workout! You will also boost your metabolism. Because HIIT workouts combine strength and cardio, you will continue to build lean muscle as you get stronger and challenge yourself more. The more lean muscle you have, the more calories you will burn at rest. HIIT is FUN and HIIT WORKS!!

Try these 4 exercises for 40 seconds ON: 20 seconds OFF for 3-4 rounds! 🔥🔥🔥
1) High Knees
2) Mountain Climbers
3) Alternating Jumping Lunges
4) Jumping Jacks

If you would like to incorporate HIIT into your workout routine, D.N.A. is here to help! Click here to contact us! We offer personal training, group training, and take-home workout programs!

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