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Coronavirus Update: We’re still open and here to help you, but spaces are limited. Please call ASAP to book your appointment.

Dry Needling in Sports

When I saw the following presentation on Dry Needling by NFL Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw, I couldn’t wait to share it. He takes us through the LSU locker room where LSU Team Physical Therapist Ricky Lane explains how LSU uses this technique as part of their competitive edge. The educational network featured, Kinetacore, has pioneered the technique of Functional Dry Needling. All therapists at Jones Physical Therapy are Level II certified by Kinetacore.

The Dry Needling Advantage

About Kinetacore
Kinetacore is a world leader in developing dry needling techniques and training. They’ve working with this relatively new technology since 2005 and continue to break new ground in applying it to a growing spectrum of conditions.

​My first course with Kinetacore was in their Ashburn VA facility. The Level I certification involves an intense review of anatomy and needling theory interspersed with long sessions of supervised demonstration and practical examinations. Course participants practice on each other so they can understand how their patients feel during treatment.

The course was attended mostly by Physical Therapists but we were also joined by a few Chiropractors and MDs. Participants are expected to study and learn course materials prior to attending and also in the time available between the three days of instruction. Kinetacore uses a practical format with multiple instructors to ensure the proficiency of course participants and safety of their patients.

A final exam is administered on the last day and those who pass are awarded a Level I certification. Participants are then required to complete 200 needling sessions before returning for level II. I attended Level II also at Ashburn. It had the same practice based format but the speed and detail are even more intense as participants are now experienced practitioners and are ready to learn more complicated techniques and theory.

​Dry Needling at Jones Physical Therapy
What I learned at Kinetacore has transformed my practice. Adding Dry Needling to the toolbox allows me to get patients out of pain faster and back to the activities they enjoy. It works well wherever I can find trigger points, from spinal problems and headaches to athletic injuries and post surgical symptoms. Patients are very open to the concept and are very happy with the instant results this technique provides.

Learn More About Dry Needling

In closing I hope you have the same take away that I did – Dry Needling is safe, effective and provides not only faster relief for painful conditions, but also a competitive advantage by allowing faster resolution of musculoskeletal injuries.

If you have questions or feel that dry needling might help you, contact Jones Physical Therapy today to schedule an appointment.

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