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Coronavirus Update: We’re still open and here to help you, but spaces are limited. Please call ASAP to book your appointment.

Set Habits Instead of Goals This New Year

Have you started to think about your New Year’s Resolutions for 2020? Or have you begun re-framing the resolutions you made last year that didn’t stick? If not, that’s ok!For years I’ve set goals and never really achieved them. It felt terrible. I’d make lists, confident I was going to be able to stick to it this year, but I’d soon forget. It’s something I would do each year. Set goals, think I’d have them set in stone, and then never achieve them. Eventually I decided to give up New Year’s Resolutions altogether.
Because my goals never went as planned, I was convinced the problem was me. This led to me feeling even less motivated to stick to them. Eventually I grew tired of this feeling. I wanted to do something. I wanted to figure out how to make my goals become a reality. So, I started small. Not with a goal or resolution, but with simple habits.
Set Small Habits to Get Big Results
I started running every morning because at the end of the day, I lacked the motivation to get out and exercise.
I started blocking out time in my day to work on things that mattered most to me. This allowed me to spend quality time with my family.
I started making healthier choices like choosing fruit over candy because I knew sugar isn’t any good for me.
Before I knew it, these small habits easily became a part of my daily life. These small habits changed my life in a big way.
Try to avoid making drastic changes too soon. Begin by adding small habits until you do them without thinking.
If your resolution is to be healthier, put your running shoes out the night before, lay your gym clothes beside your bed, and have a full glass of water ready to drink each morning when you wake up.
If your resolution is to eat more fruits and vegetables, prepare these healthy snacks days in advance to ensure you don’t reach for the quicker, unhealthy alternative.
The Power of Daily Habits
Once I learned the power of daily habits, I was able to begin setting goals again. Years have passed since I’ve set a goal for myself that I have not achieved.
It’s possible to achieve all the things in life you’ve always wanted. The key is understanding that these goals don’t happen overnight or even within a few weeks. Goals require daily practice paired with small daily habits along the way.
What habits are you going to set for yourself for the new year?

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