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Coronavirus Update: We’re still open and here to help you, but spaces are limited. Please call ASAP to book your appointment.

The Amazing Shoulder

The shoulder is truly an amazing part of your body. Just think of everything you do throughout the day that would be impossible without it. We are able to reach, grab, lift, push, pull, and throw thanks to our shoulders. It is designed to put our hands in the right positions so we can survive. What makes the shoulder so great is how mobile it is. Out of every joint in our bodies, it is the most mobile. In order for the shoulder to be this moveable, it has to sacrifice stability, which can make it more prone to injuries if it is not taken care of properly. Now the shoulder is not a weak joint that just gets injured, but if you are not deliberate in using your shoulder properly, it can become an issue. Trauma from sports, falls, car wrecks, and other accidents can obviously cause injuries to the shoulder that can’t always be avoided. However, some of the most common issues with the shoulder are from poor use and unnecessary wear and tear, and these can be avoided.

Two of the most common problems with the shoulder are rotator cuff (not rotary cup) tears and impingement. Both of these issues can occur due to poor stability of the shoulder, which comes from strong and coordinated muscles, but not just of the shoulder. A lot of the stability and protection of the shoulder comes from the muscles that control the scapula or shoulder blade. The shoulder joint and shoulder blade have to work together, and where most people go wrong is forgetting about their shoulder blades. To help you better understand how to use your shoulder blades better, check out the attached video. Also, see the list below for 10 ways to keep your shoulders healthy.
10 Ways to Keep the Shoulder Healthy

1. Pay attention to your posture. Several years of poor posture can lead to excessive wear and tear. ​Go see a physical therapist to help with your posture.
2. Keep heavy items closer to your body when lifting from the ground. ​Go see a physical therapist if you have trouble lifting things from the ground.
3. Avoid lifting heavy items over your shoulders if it is not something you are use to doing. Go see a physical therapist if you need to get used to it.
4. Listen to your body. If an activity keeps hurting your shoulder, you need to figure out why. ​Go see a physical therapist to see if you can perform the activity without pain.
5. If you have had shoulder pain for a while, don’t hope that is will just go away. It may develop into a bigger problem. ​Go see a physical therapist to get it taken care of​.
6. If you are involved in repetitive activity with the shoulders, make sure your shoulders are properly conditioned. ​Go see a physical therapist to help with this.
7. Perform resistance exercises to keep the shoulder strong and stable. Everyone should do this. ​Go see a physical therapist if you aren’t sure how to keep your shoulders strong and healthy.
8. Learn how to set and better control your shoulders blades. ​Go see a physical therapist to learn how to do this.
9. Pay attention to your shoulders’ ranges of motion. If they seem less mobile than they should be, that may be a sign of poor stability. ​Go see a physical therapist to determine if that is the problem.
10. Popping in shoulders is normal, but if the popping is painful or seems excessive, there may be something going on. ​Go see a physical therapist to assess if it may be a problem. 

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