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Coronavirus Update: We’re still open and here to help you, but spaces are limited. Please call ASAP to book your appointment.

Tommy’s Story

Tommy was a high school senior when he came to Jones Physical Therapy. A natural athlete, Tommy was on the football and powerlifting teams. He started having a problem with his shoulder when he was hit from the right during a game. Later on he noticed neck pain and numbness in his right arm that came and went. He sought the advice of several doctors, all of whom told him that the best way to solve the problem was to give up the two things he loved: Football and Powerlifting. 
Tommy was concerned at this point. He really enjoyed Football and his team was having one of their best seasons in years. Powerlifting was something that he also really enjoyed and where he showed exceptional talent. He hoped to continue Powerlifting in college and he was on track to compete at the State and Regional levels with his team in the near future. 
Tommy did not want to give up these things and he felt like there had to be another solution. He found that solution when his parents brought him to Jones Physical Therapy. On his first visit he immediately felt a lot better, “not all the way better,” he told us, but it felt like magic”. He continued his program both at the clinic and also diligently following the exercise program he was given at home for several weeks until he was well. 
After rehab at Jones Physical Therapy. Tommy continued playing with the Football team and they went on to be runners up at the state level. In powerlifting Tommy took the State record, the Regional record and came in first at Nationals. 
Tommy credits his time at Jones PT as the thing that allowed him to become a National Champion. His right arm was weak when he first came to PT so competing in  bench press was going to be a problem. After expert rehabilitation and following his plan of care exactly as prescribed by his PT, his right side strength returned and he was able to go on and win the title. 
His advice to others considering Physical Therapy is “It doesn’t hurt to try it”. He tells us he was initially skeptical but now he is 100% better he understands the value. 
Tommys plans after high school include attending college where he plans to be a member of the Powerlifting team. He has his sights set on winning some more championships in the near future.
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